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Lunch lady inspired pop-up with Large Marge & Domaine LA

  Delicious lady chefs Courtney McBroom & Leslie Behrens of Large Marge are taking over Go Get Em Tiger, the Larchmont Village coffee bar on Friday, April 17. Think lunch lady inspired dishes like the “Sloppy Marge” and probably something with Queso. Of course, what would be a night without comfort food if you didn’t […]

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Ugly Drum Pastrami serving full-time at Mendocino Farms

 Smoked meats, the ultimate indulgence in all carnivorous grub. Anyone can try to do it, given the proper apparatus for smoking. Whether it be a modified BBQ, pit, box, egg, or in this case, an 55 gallon steel barrel. Only the best get it just right. Ugly Drum is one of those. The garage to […]

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This is not a pop-up

this is not a pop-up, a culinary incubator and restaurant opened by Helena Brown and Helen Springut, returns this Thursday to Square One Restaurant in Hollywood. Each chef on the roster will hold a week-long residency, beginning on Thursday and running through Sunday. The series will launch on Jan 17 with James Trees, formerly of […]

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