DigLA Restaurant Web Site Awards

Announcing the 1st Annual DigLA Restaurant Web Site Awards. Submit your favorite (or your own) web site to webaward@diglounge.net. More info after the jump.

1st place will be awarded in the following catagories: Best Visual Design (Flash and HTML), Best Functional Design, Best Interactivity, Best Bar Site, Best Catering Site and Best Restaurant Blog (if any actually exist.) Deadline for entries is Jan 15. Winners will be announced on Jan 31th.

Winners recieve a totally rad certificate to post for all their customers to see. You can say you not only have the best tuna tartar in town, but the best web site too.

You may ask yourself, why does Dig Lounge feel like they can judge other web sites? The producer of this web site, Mattyshack Productions, has been building web sites since the late 90’s, back when Al Gore was still inventing it. So there.

Author:Matt Mitchell

A lover of everything LA has to offer, Matt created Dig Lounge to tell his friends about all the fun things to do in the city. Matt has worked in the dot com world since 1996, including some of the top online entertainment companies and digital marketing firms. He currently works as a Digital Producer.

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