Life in Venice, the Menace

Life in Venice can be wild at times I suppose. It sure is quite a show every time I hang out on Abbot Kinney or the boardwalk. Venice Beach is a colorful place to say the least. What better way to showcase it to the world than giving it it’s very own online TV network of sorts. That’s exactly what Venice The Menace is. It’s still a work in progress, but check it out! From it’s website:

“He rose from the ashes of cheap Mexican fireworks, spawned from sea air and fine sand grown clumpy with sweat and beer. And he walked the streets, from Rose to the Marina, and he liked what he saw.

And right then and there, he made up his mind to create something the world had never seen: a new web channel presenting the life and times of Venice, California.”

Author:Matt Mitchell

A lover of everything LA has to offer, Matt created Dig Lounge to tell his friends about all the fun things to do in the city. Matt has worked in the dot com world since 1996, including some of the top online entertainment companies and digital marketing firms. He currently works as a Digital Producer.

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