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As a teenager, we often found ourselves headed out during an off campus lunch for that gelatinous beef known as Arby’s Roast Beef Sandwich. Lathered with tangy Horsey Sauce and drenched in a liquid molten of processed cheese sauce. One does not refer to a Roast Beef Sandwich very often as refined and chef driven.

That may very well be the case now with the arrival of Top Round Roast Beef. Chef driven indeed as those involved include Anthony Carron, chef/owner of 800 Degrees pizza; Noah Ellis, co-owner of Red Medicine; Steven Fretz, most recently executive chef for Curtis Stone; and Jamie Tiampo, a New York restaurant investor.

The retro style, fast casual restaurant located on a corner in mid-city at the busy intersection of La Brea and Olympic is now serving the refined roast beef sandwiches and shakes as of a couple months ago. These plump sandwiches are filled with a large mound of nicely seasoned, thinly sliced, pink Roast Beef and topped with things like Homemade Cheese “Wizz”, Horseradish Cream, Caramelized or Crispy Onions, and other high quality ingredients.

Grab an order of Curly Fries, with or without grilled onions, “Wizz” and “gravy”. Make sure to pour yourself some of that Horseradish Cream, BBQ or Top Round Sauce for dippin’. They’ve got a selection of creamy shakes and malts too. Think traditional flavors like Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla, and a not so traditional Pistachio. The soda machine features over 100 different flavor combinations with just a push of a button to help wash it all down.

And that part about cheap eats. Sandwiches start at $5.75. Get it with extra beef if you have a larger than normal appetite for just two dollars more.


The Roast Beef Sandwiches are cheap and packed full of juicy meat, cheese, and other high quality ingredients.


Grab a float, shake or malt to go with an order of fresh cut Idaho potato Curly Fries.

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