National Shake Month at Johnny Rockets

It’s National Shake Month, and Johnny Rockets invited a group of us bloggers to check out their brand new Candy Milkshake. A lot has changed since Ronn Teitelbaum opened his first location in 1986. Heck, a lot has changed since yours truly worked at Johnny Rockets over nearly 18 years ago. I was even lucky enough to serve up burgers to a number of celebs while working the Studio City location, including Lori Petty, Sam Jackson, Will Smith, and even celebrity physic Kenny Kingston! Everyone loves a little JR!

They sure have grown over the years, with locations all over the world, and a menu much larger than it used it be. One thing remains the same, delicious Burgers and the best Milk Shakes in town. It is still one of our favorite local burger joints. There’s something comforting and familiar in the burgers, fries, and shakes at Johnny Rockets.

So it’s fitting we celebrated Shake Month at their original location on Melrose Ave. We got to sample all our favorite menu items, The Original, #12, fries and their perfectly crispy onion rings. We were delighted with Johnny Rocket dancers, ketchup art stations, and smiles from ear to ear.

Their selection of shakes goes far beyond the chocolate, vanilla and strawberry that I made in the mid nineties when I worked the shake maker. In this summer heat, cool down with a number of choices. Including the brand new Candy Shake, filled with colorful pieces of broken up M&Ms® (starting Sept 16). Other choices include the Butterfinger, Orange Dreamsicle, Strawberry Oreo Crumble, Apple Pie, and Ghirardelli® Chocolate, just to name a few of the two dozen or so choices. They take pride in offering the best tasting shake with it’s creamy and velvety consistency, and it shows.

I’m already craving a return trip! Follow Johnny Rockets on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.




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