Ricky's Fish Taco Nirvana

I will admit, I am late to the Ricky Fish Taco game. I’ve known about Ricky’s famed Ensenada style fish tacos for a couple of years. It’s not to say I haven’t tried. Taking a few educated guesses, trying to time my arrival at the the prefect moment when Ricky would roll out his handmade cart on a corner in Silver Lake’s Sunset Junction. I’ve tried at his new location too, getting there on a day when they just happened to be running behind. When you arrive at their current location at 1400 N Virgil you may start to understand why it might have eluded me before. Located in a nondescript driveway, where Hillhurst becomes Virgil, is Ricky’s Fish Tacos. Considered by most, if not , to have some of the best fish tacos this side of the border.

Everyone is right. Ricky’s fish (and shrimp) tacos are the best we’ve ever had. Perfectly crisped fish, on a freshly toasted corn tortilla, accompanied by shredded cabbage, and pico de gallo with chopped jalapeno. His salsas add just the right amount of heat, from the green tomatillo to the spicy roasted tomato and jalapeno salsa. Of course, no fish taco would be complete without Mexican crema. Ricky says he makes his from mayonnaise and milk, authentic Ensenada style. All these flavors together are what makes these tacos worth the folklore of Ricky’s epic fish tacos. Priced at about $3 a taco. Two is enough, but you’ll be tempted for a third. Don’t be left in the dark, follow him on Twitter here.

Ricky is frying up fish tacos Wed-Thur from around 12-4pm and Fri-Sun from 12-6pm.

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