An Ode to 8oz

What’s more perfect than on 08-08-08 than an Ode to Govind Armstrong’s new 8oz Burger Bar? As early reports came in, service and food were a little shaky, but if my trip last night was any indication, they seem to be ironing out the kinks quite nicely. And, so it goes, my 8oz rendition of German poet, playwright and historian Friedrich Schiller’s, An die Freude, goes something like this:

8oz, beautiful spark of Gods,
Daughter of Estancia,
We enter, fire-grilled,
Heavenly, thy burger bar.
Thy magic cocktails re-unite
What my knife has divided
Onlookers become friends at the next table
Where thy duck fat fried wing abides.
— Chorus —
A serene hour of eating!
Sweet rest in a food coma!
Govind –a wonderful meal
From the mouth of this final judge!

No seriously though, the cocktails are A+, the Crispy Chicken Confit are wonderfully prepared buffalo chicken wings fried in duck fat and the moist and flavorful 8oz burger needed no expensive condiments. The patty, a nice rounded size with a bun that held up well. If you want, feel free to fork out an extra buck or two for toppings like purple mustard, heirloom tomato ketchup, house cured bacon and fried green tomatoes. But this burger is best in it’s purest form.

Our Grilled Cheese with Short Rib had the perfect blend of meat and Bel Paese cheese but needed something to enhance the sandwich. No to mention it was slightly greasy. I seemed to have missed the onion marmalade on it, but the menu says it was there. Upon entering you might get a little Bowery feel, but its so much brighter and more open than the Bowery and had more of a neighborhood tavern feel. I could see myself coming here a lot. The service was fine, I felt neglected a couple of times, but overall it was passable.

The beer list is outstanding with several west coast breweries, and a few over the pond beers, featured on tap and by the bottle. Their classic and original cocktails, like the Aquamiel (Herradura Silver Tequila, Lillet Blanc, fresh lime juice, almond extract, honey syrup), are made with fresh squeezed juices and hand made bitters. I felt like the wine list left something to be desired. Like the people sitting near us, I may bring in my own bottle next time. Not sure what the corkage is though.

The prices are very reasonable as long as you don’t get out of control with the extra toppings. They have a great Suds and Sliders sampler that I want to try on my next visit. For $15 you get three 5 oz draft beers, then one each of a beef, lamb and boar slider. Meat, it’s whats for dinner.

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