Taco Tuesday: Marielas Tacos

Welcome to the first edition of Taco Tuesday. LA is a great place for Tacos. People dedicate entire blogs to the LA Taco lifestyle. On almost any day of the week, into the wee hours of the morning, you can get a taco somewhere. Whether it’s a concrete taco shack sitting on a corner or a 4 wheeled taco mobile, tacos are part of our lifestyle.

This week we visit Marielas Tacos. They have two locations. The one I went to is on 3rd at Catalina. They also have a location on Sunset at Coronado. I was brought in by not only the blinking LED sign running the entire length of the front of the restaurant, but the massive amount of people I saw there driving by one evening. Other bloggers agree, this place is legit.

The decor is jesus saves meets cafeteria and silk flowers. You have to experience it to understand it, trust me. There massive menu of Mexican food staples was impressive. Tacos, tortas, tostadas, burritos, sopes, quesadillas and soup. With any kind of meat you could want, carne asada, cabeza, lengua, sesos, carnitas, adobada, buche and pollo.

I settle on a combo plate, 3 tacos, beans and rice ($4.50). These aren’t little tacos either. They are stacked full of meat. I order mine without onions. I didn’t feel like going all day with onions on my breath. I go with carne asada, carnitas, and buche. Buche for those of you who don’t know is pork stomach. I’ve never had it, but heard it was really good. But I quickly found out that it’s just not for me. The texture, the flavor, it just didn’t sit well with my gringo upbringing. So I moved on to the carnitas. The carnitas was loaded with great flavor, with just the right amount of fat mixed in with the fried pork. The asada was as fresh as it comes. I saw them cutting up the huge charred flank steaks. Juicy, crispy and loaded with flavor, yum.

The beans and rice are sufficient but not outstanding. Overall, I can see why this place is crowded all the time. Bonus, it’s open till 2am on Friday and Saturday.

Mariela’s Tacos
3662 1/2 W 3rd St, Los Angeles
2501 W Sunset Blvd # F, Los Angeles

Marielas Taco in Los Angeles

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