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The MLB has hired one of it’s own writers to review the food at a few ballparks. Sponsored by AM/PM, the food review is a fluff piece at best, with a general run down of what’s available at the stadium. They touch on the fact that at one point, they stopped grilling the dogs at Dodger Stadium and only offered up the boiled version. The fans revolted and they brought back the grilled goodness. But I heard a rumor that they still boil the dogs, and just finish them off on the grill.

I’ve found the food at Dodger Stadium to range from great to mediocre. Your best bet is to get a fresh grilled burger or dog from the Loge Grill. Otherwise, your chances of getting a overheated dog with a stale, ripped or soggy bun, is about 50/50. The cheese steaks are just OK, the Chinese food is un-eatable and the pizza is overpriced. Besides an all beef dog, the only way to go IMHO, I may enjoy nachos from Camachos every now and then. Much better than the standard nacho faire found at most concessions.

I’ve yet to venture into the all you can eat pavilion, but I can’t eat all that much anyway. A bag of peanuts and a dog is about all I need. Not to mention, in the pavilion, you can’t get a Tecate to quench your salty peanut thirst.

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