Falafel Arax – Hollywood

Looking for the best Falafel and Shawourma in town? Look no further than little Armenia’s long standing, 25 years to be exact, Falafel Arax. There beef Shawourma is slow cooked, topped with white fat that will, as it cooks on the spit, melt down over the perfectly spiced meat. The Falafel is simple, yet perfectly crisp and not overly spiced like so many other Falafel joints in town.

But don’t stop there, kebabs, tongue, chicken with garlic sauce and an Armenian sausage sandwich called Soujouk all served in a french roll or as a plate with a delicious Tahini sauce. Prices range from $4 for a Falafel pita to $9 for the Shawourma and Falafel combo plate. Check out the full menu, then get your Shawourma loving ass over to Falafel Arax. Cash only, ATM on premises.

5101 Santa Monica Blvd
Ste 2
Los Angeles, CA 90029
(323) 663-9687

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