A sustainable burger at Salt’s Cure

National Burger Day is May 28th, and to celebrate we’ll be featuring a burger every day of the week here on Dig Lounge. Hold on tight, it’s gonna be a gut busting week.

We couldn’t have planned it more perfectly. After a week of some great burgers, we find ourselves at Salt’s Cure, Chef-owners Chris Phelps and Zak Walters small farm-to-table restaurant in West Hollywood. It’s not just a cliché here, it’s a way of cooking. Everything that can be made in house, is. From the ketchup, to the pickled veggies, bacon, and charcuterie. Everything else, is locally sourced from farms up and down the coast. The ever changing menu features items like milk braised ribs, grilled pork chops, fresh salmon, crab legs and cakes, oysters, pots of pork and rabbit, chilled asparagus soup, and roasted kale. The beers and wines too, are all from California.

Of course we’re here for the burger. And this is one of the best in LA. The buns, you guessed it, are made in-house. The meat comes from a local farm in Santa Barbara. The steers are grass fed and the meat is dry aged for at least 28 days. The house cured bacon is made from tamworth pigs north of Napa, and are raised in a black walnut forest, feeding on nuts and local veggies. The cheese, is Wagon Wheel from Cowgirl Creamery. Eating a burger like this will change your view on eating sustainably. To think every ingredient, every bite, came from California will make you beam with golden state pride.

They are now taking reservations, and serve brunch, lunch and dinner. But seats are always available at the bar for walk ins. And the bar is the best place in the house. To watch the chefs, preparing the food with a precise manner, but turning out dish after dish in the small kitchen, is a treat. Some people would buy tickets for this show. With a constantly changing menu, we will be back to hang with the Salty crew again and again.

The charcuterie is not to be missed. From house cured hams, paté, pots of pork, smoked fish, and pickled vegetables.

The local crab is from John Wilson at the Hollywood Farmer's Market.

Even the oysters are local from Carlsbad, and come grilled, swimming in a delicate broth of butter, garlic, and white wine.

What more can be said about this burger? If California had a flavor, this is what it would taste like.

The pork rib is braised in milk, and sits on a bed of buttery grits.

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