Ten Raku – Koreatown

This corner of 3rd has been 3 different places since I moved into the hood a couple of years ago. I was hoping the 3rd time would be a charm.

Ten Raku is supposedly a Japanese charcoal grilling place, or Yakinku dining. But there wasn’t any charcoal to be found, and everything about this restaurant seemed Korean to me. From the Korean pop music playing, to the beer, to the Korean side dishes you got with your meal. The meat wasn’t marinated at all, or didn’t seem to be. Although the little tray of sauce and sea salt you got to dip your meat in was really good.

I’m not much for kimchee, so I didn’t really bother with the sides at all. We ordered the filet, skirt steak and bornless short rib. Yes, I meant to say bornless, that’s how they spell it on the menu. I wanted to try something I had never had before so we also got the Japanese Bibimbop. They came as little rice filled lettuce cup things, with a variety of toppings, some had pickled radish, some seaweed and all came with egg and fish roe. They were OK, but I prefer traditional bibimbop.

Oh, and don’t be afraid to use the call button at your table. Otherwise, you’ll never get the server back over to your table.

I was a bit let down by the overall experience. It’s on average $10 for each meat order. You get about 8 small pieces of meat with each order, so you’re probably looking at at least 2-3 orders per person. For that I would rather go to Dong Il Jang, or even Gyu-Kaku, which both have delicious marinated meats for around the same price.

Ten Raku in Los Angeles

Author:Matt Mitchell

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