Pigging out at Black Hogg

When thinking about my favorite low-key restaurants in LA, I might mention Animal, Pizzeria Mozza, BLD, Umami or Tasca. Now add Black Hogg to this list. Eric Park’s brand new joint is an instant hit with Silver Lake locals. By 8pm people are lining up to try Chef Park’s decadent dishes. The Pork Belly Tacos with Fuji Apple Slaw and Jalapeño Relish are the perfect blend of salty swine belly, spice and crisp sweetness. The Popcorn Bacon is every bit as wonderful and evil as it sounds. House smoked belly, cubed and deep fried, then taken for a sweet dip in a side of maple crema. Their signature buttery Lamb Burger with Onetik Bleu des Basques and pickled onions is one of those dishes you want over and over again, we’ve since had it twice.

Park makes his way to Silver Lake by way of the Spotted Pig in New York. He returns to his native So Cal after a short hiatus with Black Hogg and is making the kind of food he likes to eat. And we like it too. A chef’s chef, with dishes like Wild Mushrooms on a Brioche Box, Roasted Marrow Bone with Breakfast Radishes, Spicy Chicken Liver on Toast with Chicken Cracklin’, Uni Toast, Ale Battered Cod, Longaniza Sausage Hash w/ fried egg on top, a New York Strip w/ Chive Lime Butter, and the newly added Pork Chop served Cuban Style. Dishes run from $6 and go up to $28 for that aforementioned steak.

The decor is decidedly low key, with not much on the walls beyond a few mirrors behind the bar and wood paneled wall coverings. No liquor license as of yet, so the BYOB attitude makes it a super affordable meal. Parking is usually plentiful on Sunset, but valet parking is available off of Parkman. It’s first come first serve, so as Bourdain might say, No Reservations. The best time to snag a table without waiting is after they first open or towards the end of the night. Don’t worry, the front of the house is deftly managed by partner Jonathan Kim, he will eventually glide you into a seat and into hogg euphoria.

We brought along a bottle of Orin Swift's D 66 from winemaker Dave Phinney. 80% Grenache, 12% Syrah, 8% Carignan

Pork Belly Tacos, Popcorn Bacon and New York Strip Steak, you can't go wrong here.

The Buttery Lamb Burger and Chai Spiced Churros, the only desert on the menu.

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