Grilling up Vagabond at The Famous

Burgers are a simple creation. Meat, bun, veggies, dressing. It’s easy right? McDonalds created a multi-billion dollar empire off that simple idea. Yet I can’t tell you how many BAD burgers we’ve had over the past few years. It should be simple equation but restaurants often fall short, rarely paying attention to the quality of ingredients they are using. According to CNN, the burger is one of America’s favorite foods., second only to Thanksgiving dinner.

People often ask me. Where is your favorite burger? In-N-Out, Umami, Rustic Canyon, Plan Check, Apple Pan, Stout, Comme Ça, Pie N Burger, Mess Hall, and Fusion Burger come to mind depending on what mood you are in. Hawkins House of Burgers even has a place on that list. And once Bachi Burger makes it way over to Sawtelle, it will be on the list too.

We’re always on the hunt for a new burger. Thanks to the wonder of social media we had seen Glendale’s The Famous post some pics of beautiful looking specimen of meat and bun. But looks can be, and often have been, deceiving when it comes to burgers.

Vagabond Grillyard is a burger pop-up so to speak. Just a griddle and some coolers. Which is all Vagabond needs to make a really good burger. Well that, and some high quality dry-aged beef, creamy garlic cilantro aioli, sharp cheddar cheese, grilled onions, greens, smoky bacon, a perfectly cooked egg over easy and a buttery brioche pillow of a bun.

Pair that with one of the best bars in Glendale. OK the only good bar… and you’ve got yourself one of the best Tuesday night’s you’ve had in a while. Especially with happy hour every night from 5-8 pm. Beers like Liberty Ale and Alagash are $5, well drinks $6, and specialty cocktails are $10.

The Famous is open 7 days

a week and is located at 154 S Brand Blvd. Glendale, CA 91204. Right across from the Americana. Vagabond can be found grilling up on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. It’s the new favorite mid-week pick-me-up.




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