Prime & Wine at Morton’s

Wake up, traffic, overflowing email inbox, marathon staff meeting, then another meeting, TPS reports, buy this, sell that, deadlines, paperwork, traffic, rinse and repeat. The daily deluge of life can be overwhelming at times. Thank god for burgers and wine. Morton’s burger is often considered one of the best in town. It’s happy hour at the bar is one of our favorites whenever we need to unwind for some cheap eats and drinks. Here’s another reason to rejoice. You can now get the Morton’s Million Dollar Burger at the bar, along with a glass of Stag’s Leap “The Investor”, for just $39, from now until April 12.

Let’s break down this “Prime” burger shall we? Prime is the best you can get when it comes to beef. It’s the quality grade given by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to describe the highest quality meat. Young beef, perfect marbling, juicy, beefy, yum. Less than two percent of all beef produced in the United States will earn the prime designation.

But they don’t stop at just the high quality meat with their Million Dollar Burger. They throw on a slab of Foie Gras, black truffle butter, add some braised short rib, all carefully placed on a soft brioche bun. Then they serve it up with a glass of Stag’s Leap “The Investor”. Their Prime Burger (without the Foie, truffle butter, and short rib) usually runs about $25, that glass of wine would usually cost you another $18 bucks. So for $39 it’s a pretty damn good deal if you ask us. This offer is available at select locations, so make sure you call ahead to find out if your local Morton’s offers the special.


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