Get your Italian roots at Scopa in Venice

It’s no secret that those behind the new Italian spot in Venice known as Scopa Italian Roots know a thing or two about the hospitality industry. Between Steve Livigni and Pablo Moix, there aren’t many fails as far as we’re concerned. Swoon much? Yes, maybe. But for a good reason. What they’ve built with chef Antonia Lofaso (of Black Market in the Valley) is a Venice neighborhood gem.

Cocktails are affordable at $11. With a small collection of obscure Italian wines running from $12-$24 per glass. Whole bottles start to run up in price, and unless you know what you’re getting for your $100, it’s a little tough to indulge. But no need to bother with wine when the bar is stocked with top shelf liquor, farmers market herbs & citrus, fresh juices, and unique bitters. Cocktails lean toward sophisticated, but simple. And… yes they are very popular.

If that is its only fault, then so be it. The bar is packed nearly every night. It’s as if those west of the 405 had been yearning for the sophisticated and well created cocktails by two of the cities most talented bar men. If you’ve looking for a quite and romantic spot to grab a plate of Pappardelle with pork shank, then this isn’t the place for you. The tables are cozy, but far enough away that fellow bar flies aren’t bumping up against you. Don’t have a reservation? Don’t worry, they always save some tables and bar seats for walk-ins.

The classic Italian menu gets as involved with your hunger as you want it to be. Need just a bite? Snack on a few cold or hot antipasti and slurp down some oysters. Carb and protein loading for a serious night of drinking? Dig into the heartier pasta and main dish selection.

Just save room for a Zepoli, the og Italian cronut™. After all, Saint Joseph’s Day, a day known for giving them away as gifts, is just around the corner. Ti penso ogni giorno!


Snack on Antipasti including a gorgeous Italian Cold Cuts plate or a handheld version of the classic Meat Ball Hero. Ti adoro!


This softball sized Rice Ball is filled with melty gooey cheese and meat sauce. Sei bella!


If you had an Italian grandmother, this is what she would make you. Baciami!


Cocktails, yes. A great selection of aromatic spirits and bitters, melded with fresh herbs and citrus. Ho bisogno di te…

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