The Breakfast Burrito at Larry’s Chili Dog

There is no other way to say it. This is “The” quintessential Los Angeles Breakfast Burrito and it can be found at a hot dog stand in Burbank. It an American style classic. No beans and rice or machaca here. A perfect balance of fresh scrambled eggs, buttery shredded hash browns, bacon AND sausage, melty cheese, and a spicy jalapeno relish. Larry’s may be a hot dog stand, with a great chili ladled hot dog and a decent burger. But Larry’s is known to those in the Burbank ‘hood as the place to come for that perfectly loaded burrito.

We’ve been going for the burrito at Larry’s Chili Dog ever since local chef Albert Alives told us about this delectable breakfast vessel. (His name is clung to the window via Chefs Feed.) Forget Corner Cottage, who’s breakfast burrito is overstuffed with hash browns, and the wait can be up to an hour on the weekend. Call ahead to John and your burrito is ready for your arrival 20 minutes later. Don’t forget to ask for a little bit of that green chili salsa on the side if you like it extra spicy. And did we mention it’s just five bucks?



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