The award for best burger in West Hollywood goes to…

Coney Dog! Well, according to the WeHo Patch that is. Readers have recently crowned the 8 month old Sunset Blvd hot dog eatery, Coney Dog, with the award for Best Burger in West Hollywood, beating out the likes of Rounds Burgers, Irv’s, Carney’s and Comme Ca among others. We still wonder why Salt’s Cure wasn’t a consideration, but we’re not here to argue the selection process. So we headed towards Coney Dog, fighting traffic for nearly an hour to go 8 miles down Sunset, don’t you just love LA? By the time we arrived, hungry and traffic weary, we were greeted with the perfect parking spot right out front. Costanza would be proud.

But Coney Island, Detroit style, chili dog, great burger, wait a minute. I had to think about that too. I’ve had a Nathan’s dog on Coney Island, but that’s not a Coney Island Dog. According to Wikipedia, the Coney Island Dog was invented by George Todoroff in 1914 when he opened his restaurant, Todoroff’s Original Coney Island in Jackson, Michigan. Unlike thick meaty chili or chili with beans, Detroit style chili is more of a sauce with a smooth, creamy consistency utilizing Hungarian spices, with a hint of sweetness. You’ll find these types of hot dog joints all around the Detroit area.

Coney Dog brings a bit of this Detroit style chili to LA. Including its own twist on the LA Street Dog and vegetarian items for the non-meat eating Angelenos. In the Street Dog they’ve nearly nailed the classic late night drunken snack, a snappy all beef dog wrapped with bacon and topped with sliced pickled jalapenos. The chili on the fries is silky smooth, with gooey melting cheese underneath. I don’t recommend splitting one, it’ll be tough to share.

The burger is certainly a burger in it’s purest form. Meat, caramelized onions, melty American cheese surrounded by a plain white bun. The hand packed, griddled meat is crunchy on the outside, juicy on the inside. Reminiscent of White Castle perhaps, and strangely enough, if you were to add some spread, it would be the closest thing to a Double Double I have had outside of In-N-Out. The best burger in West Hollywood? Maybe. A good burger yes, and worth having again, if it weren’t for the LA traffic. How about coming to the east side? We could use a good hot dog and burger joint.

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