Cupcake Challenge Winners Announced

Over 20 bakeries joined the Nesquik Cupcake Challenge, and 3 would be crowned victorious in the categories of Best Original, Best Traditional and Best Overall. I was truly a cupcake noobie, as I wondered why people were standing in line with their empty boxes. Take them home? Non-sense, I’m gonna eat them all! Wrong. After about halfway through the list, the sugar overload was overwhelming. Right around the seventh or eighth cupcake, I paused as I took a bite out of each mini sized morsel. Some of the pro’s call it cupcake fatigue, I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

The Big Man took the cake on this day, as Downtown newcomer Big Man Bakes “Red Velvet” took home the 1st place prize for Best Traditional. With one of our favorites Blue Cupcake “Sweet and Salty Vanilla” and Southern Girl Desserts “Red Velvet” taking 2nd and 3rd.

Best Original and Overall were dominated by three sole bakeries; My Delight Cupcakery, Two Parts Sugar, and Jus Minis. Winner of Best Original and 2nd as Best Overall was My Delight Cupcakery’s “Breakfast Cake”. A delight indeed, like biting into a plate of waffles, syrup, and bacon, it could replace a morning meal with ease.

Winner of Best Overall, and second for Best Original was Jus Minis “Caramel Banana”. I’m sad we missed that one, but the cupcake fatigue had taken over by the time we got around to it. Two Parts Sugar “Chocolate Covered Strawberry” took home the bronze for both Best Overall and Best Original.

We got through as many cupcakes as we could, washed it all down with some Nesquick Chocolate Milk, marked our ballet for our favorites and hung our heads in shame as we left defeated by the all-mighty cupcake.

Full list of winners below. Full photoset on Flickr.

My Delight Cupcakery Breakfast Cake took home the gold.

Blue Cupcake “Sweet and Salty Vanilla” was another favorite and took home second for Best Traditional.

The Tavern's Salted Caramel (right) was another favorite.

The Dig Lounge winner for best original, Fairy Cakes Pumpkin White Chocolate.

Best Traditional
1st Place: Big Man Bakes “Red Velvet”
2nd Place: Blue Cupcake “Sweet and Salty Vanilla”
3rd Place: Southern Girl Desserts “Red Velvet”

Best Original
1st Place: My Delight Cupcakery “Breakfast Cake”
2nd Place: Jus Minis “Caramel Banana”
3rd Place: Two Parts Sugar “Chocolate Covered Strawberry”

Best Overall
1st Place: Jus Minis “Caramel Banana”
2nd Place: My Delight Cupcakery “Breakfast Cake”
3rd Place: Two Parts Sugar “Chocolate Covered Strawberry”

Dig Lounge Winners:
Best Traditional: Fairy Cakes “Vanilla Bean Almond Dream”
Best Original: Fairy Cakes “Pumpkin White Chocolate”
Best Overall: My Delight Cupcakery “Breakfast Cake”


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