East Side Pizza Blitz

Friend, fellow foodie and wine lover Doug noticed a little spurt of new pizza joints in his hood. So he and a couple of fiends went on a one night pizza blitz to discover who had the best pizza out of all the newcomers. Below is an account and rating for each pizza joint, based on crust, sauce, and cheese. Each one was rated on on a scale of 1-5.

Nicky D’s


First up, is Nicky D’s. Located at 2764 Rowena Ave, Nicky D’s is of the wood fired variety. They aren’t exactly the new kids on the block, so they used this first stop as the benchmark. They have a large menu of pizzas, starters, pasta, calzone, rotisserie chicken, sandwiches, and salads. They thought the crust was not crisp enough, a little doughy, but had good flavor. The pizza’s could have used a little bit more sauce, but had a great garlicy flavor. A few thought it had too much cheese, but for cheese lovers, it had lots of wonderful gooey mozzarella. Overall, crust 3.0, sauce 3.5, cheese 3.5.



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Tomato Pie


Next on their list was Tomato Pie. They’ve got two locations. One on Melrose and one in Silvelake at 2457 Hyperion. Tomato Pie has pizzas, pastas, salads, and subs. Unfortunately Tomato Pie made the bottom of the list. The crust was full of dough pillows, and didn’t have much flavor. The cheese was bland, sauce was salty, and quality of ingredients seemed sub par. Overall, crust 2.0, sauce 2.5, cheese 2.0.


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Il’ Capriccio


It’s time to step it up, so the next stop was Il’ Capriccio. Their new pizza joint is located down the street from their full restaurant at 4518 Hollywood Blvd. The crust really stood out here, crispy on the outside, but still chewy with lots of great flavor. The sauce was well balanced with herbs, tomato flavor and high quality Mozzarella. The pizza, fresh out of the wood fired oven, came out pippin hot. Overall Winner, crust 4.5, sauce 4.0, cheese 3.0.


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Lucifer’s is located at 1948 Hillhurst. And, as the name suggests, is heavy on the devil theme. According to them, there pizza is damned good, how clever. The weakest link of this pizza was the dough, lacking good flavor. But the tangy and spicy sauce made up for it. You can choose how spicy you want your sauce. Overall the ingredients seemed cheaper than the others. Overall crust 3.0, sauce 3.5, cheese 3.0.


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Garage Pizza


Last on their stop was Garage Pizza. At this point they were pretty stuffed, but they powered on. Located at 4339 W Sunset Blvd, the atmosphere is rockin, and bonus, it’s open late. Texture of the crust is great, sauce could have a bit more of a bite, but overall it stood up well to the others and was a top contender. Overall crust 4.0, sauce 3.0, cheese 3.0.


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4 Responses to “East Side Pizza Blitz”

  1. February 7, 2009 at 2:58 pm #

    nice. i like il capriccio a lot too, but their prices for whole pies is kind of high. and sometimes the crust is a little too chewy. I like garage pizza, that’d definitely up there too. Haven’t had lucifer’s though.

  2. Adam
    February 23, 2009 at 1:36 pm #

    Why don’t you call this article “Pizza Places in Los Feliz and Silverlake” since that’s where all these places are.

    None of them are actually on the Eastside.

  3. Matt Mitchell
    February 23, 2009 at 3:05 pm #

    And the east VS west debate continues. What do you consider the east side Adam? I’m from LA and anything East of East Hollywood I consider the east side, but that’s just a personal opinion. I don’t think the mayor has weighed in on this debate.

  4. Valeigh
    January 4, 2010 at 7:22 pm #

    He’s probably refering to anything “east” of Downtown Los Angeles. Perhaps a “Northeast L.A.” forum would include all? Just a suggestion. Still diggin’ the site.