A Valentines dinner at your door

Valentines day is nearly upon us. Let’s look at your options shall we cupid? You could make a reservation at a fancy restaurant and overpay for a prix-fix menu option, for something you wouldn’t necessarily order anyway. Fancy making a meal? Maybe your cooking prowess involves mad skills of buttered toast and a bowl of Crunch Berries. Or you could head for Taco Bell and hope your significant other loves crunchy tacos with bean and cheese burritos. Lucky for me, mine does.

But here’s another option. Local caterer The Spot Gourmet is offering their Love Potion #99 for a Valentine’s Day made simple yet decadent. Just add a bottle of vino and, of course, a Valentine. For $99 your romantic dinner date includes a gourmet, four course Valentine’s dinner for two, and if things go well, a little massage oil for the end of the night. Orders are available for pick-up or delivery and you have till Feb 13 to put in your order. Cause we know you’re gonna wait till the last minute, but they won’t know that. You’ll come off as the most romantic person ever.

Your dinner date starts off like this. Bacon wrapped dates with chevre and almond, then moves into a salad bursting with red. Radicchio, red leaf lettuce, red endive, pomegranate seeds, red apples, dried cranberries, candied pecans and a raspberry champagne vinaigrette. Next up, beef tenderloin served with a truffle madeira sauce, heart shaped wild mushroom risotto cake, sauté of fresh mushrooms and braised baby vegetables. Finally for dessert, a heart shaped double chocolate whiskey cake, served with a white chocolate sauce, red raspberry puree and topped with fresh raspberries.

And if all else goes well, message oil as the finale. To order, call (818) 861-7335 or Email info@thespotgourmet.com



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