Road Trip!

Someone asked me today if I knew of any good road trips around LA. I could think of one for sure, a drive up Highway 1. But where else could you go? A drive to Julian to get a slice of apple pie also came to mind. But that’s a hefty day trip. So I searched the web and came up with this list of weekend day trips.

1. GORP has the Los Angeles Weekender Guide.
2. Road Trip USA talks about Highway 1 and features road trips across the US.
3. California Road Trips from the LA times. They also have this story about preparing for your road trip.
4. recommends these scenic drives.
5. Plan your day trip with a little help from AOL cityguide.
6. If you’re too lazy to drive, Heull Howser may be able to inspire you to get out and explore.

Author:Matt Mitchell

A lover of everything LA has to offer, Matt created Dig Lounge to tell his friends about all the fun things to do in the city. Matt has worked in the dot com world since 1996, including some of the top online entertainment companies and digital marketing firms. He currently works as a Digital Producer.

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