The Burger Stand – Crenshaw

If you ever find yourself crusin’ down the Shaw (Crenshaw Blvd for those who don’t know) and you have a craving for some cheap, good eats, I recommend stopping by The Burger Stand. I drive by here every day and never stopped. Mostly because there is no parking on Crenshaw till after 7pm, and partly because I didn’t think their burgers would be that good. That was, until I read this blog post on it. So now it’s a must try for my burger loving self. Low and behold, on their menu is the “king” burger. I plop down 7 bucks for my combo. Fries, a soda and a king burger with cheese.

Unfortunately there isn’t a sitting area here so the only option is to eat in your car or take it home. I take mine home, but sample some of the fries while they are still pipping hot. The fries are of the limp sort. They taste slightly sweet and are salted with a seasoning salt. I prefer my fries crispy, but these are definitely good. I get home and unwrap my king burger. It’s a massive 1/2 lb, hand formed patty. Topped with mayo, mustard, lettuce, onions, pickles and a tomato. This burger made my top 10 instantly. Its perfectly seasoned with seasoning salt and pepper and tasted as fresh as could be. I started to reminisce about the mo’ better burger and now I hear . That’s my next stop on the burger train.

Don’t be scared away by the lack of parking during certain hours. There is plenty of parking on the street south or north on side streets. Cash only!

The Burger Stand
3413 Crenshaw Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90016

Burger Stand in Los Angeles

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