Hot and Buttered with Shellback Rum

The Shellback rum-making process begins with harvesting of select Caribbean sugarcane. It’s then taken to a nearby distillery and pressed into molasses, which is the base used to fermented into rum. Yeast is introduced to the molasses in special fermenting tanks, yielding wort, which is then distilled to produce rum! Twelve secret spices sourced from regions around the world are then added to the Shellback Silver rum. The spiced rum gets an extra process of barrel-aging to provide Shellback Spiced rum’s distinctive taste.

Shellback sent us a couple bottles to try out. So we decided the Spiced Rum would be perfect for some Hot Buttered Rum during the cold weather over the holidays. The buttered rum batter made a great addition to the holiday get together with the family. It also makes a great party favor and gift, as it can be jarred and given away! We choose the recipe from Creative Culinary because we liked the idea of a frozen “batter” and also liked the inclusion of creamy ice-cream to balance out the Spiced Rum. Click here for the recipe.


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Author:Matt Mitchell

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One Response to “Hot and Buttered with Shellback Rum”

  1. January 2, 2013 at 9:27 am #

    So glad you enjoyed the HBR batter Matt. I’ve had a few friends give me some grief about the ice cream component…well, until they tried the end result. Then they were fighting over who got to take home the last two jars in my freezer. 🙂